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About Us


The Comedy Time Network is a market leader in the production and distribution of comedy programming. We have been producing stand-up comedy and creating sketch and episodic programming since 2004. All of our content meets broadcast standards and practices and is advertiser-friendly.


The Comedy Time Network is available on a multitude of platforms including online, cable, satellite and mobile. While our distribution partners are too numerous to mention here they include brands such as Hulu, Netflix, Dish Networks, FilmOn, Fios, AT&T Uverse, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Verizon, Sprint and Youtube.


Comedy Time has launched other channels aimed at specific audiences including Chick Comedy our women’s humor brand, Comedy Time Urban and Comedy Time Latino.


Comedy Time has expanded into the production of long-form programming and has produced 50 half-hour episodes of Man Up Stand-Up for cable network MavTV. We also produced the sketch comedy show Man Brain for Fuel TV.


Comedy Time has been engaged by major brands to develop and produce comedy content compatible with their audiences. In this regard Comedy Time’s Saw III DVD release campaign won both Media Week’s “Media Plan of the Year” award and Jack Myers’ “Gold Agency” award. This is a link to one of the pieces


Comedy Time also produces holiday and special event programming. Here is a link to some pieces we produced for Black History Month.


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